Manifesting Mondays: Hope Redefined

Current news stories around the world have been filled with information about COVID-19. The 24/7 news reporting on the virus have many feeling higher levels of anxiety, stress and hopelessness. So much so that experts recommend turning off the news, and television to avoid the constant inflow of information that can make you feel prettyContinue reading “Manifesting Mondays: Hope Redefined”

Manifesting Mondays: Creativity

This is a call for creativity. There is no surprise what is happening in the world. If you are like me you have been glued to every news channel and online articles around the world about the pandemic that is blowing through everything we know of society and life. Entire nations of people are beingContinue reading “Manifesting Mondays: Creativity”

Manifesting Mondays: #MondayThoughts

I had a conversation with one of my girls today regarding what people perceive about you and what you perceive about yourself; it took me back to a time where I remember thinking similarly. For me there was a time where I would sit back and think, “God, if I walked like her, talked like her, sangContinue reading “Manifesting Mondays: #MondayThoughts”

Manifesting Mondays: Perceptions

I have been inspired to write for maybe a couple of weeks about perceptions. Perception is defined in two ways: the state of being or process of becoming aware of something through the senses. a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression. The way that we interpret things is through our own understandingContinue reading “Manifesting Mondays: Perceptions”

Manifesting Mondays: The Art of Asking

I recently attended the Sarah Jakes Roberts Night In The Wild women’s conference, and during the conference she mentioned the prayer of Jabez. It was instantly brought back to my memory a small book titled, “The Prayer of Jabez for Teens” by Bruce Wilkinson, that was gifted to me as a teenager by my mother.Continue reading “Manifesting Mondays: The Art of Asking”

Manifesting Mondays: Determine Your Goals

The key to determining your goals is to START! Our goals do not become a reality because we fail to start. Begin today by making a list of your goals, doesn’t have to be a long list, list about five to ten things. Now, circle at least two things you can complete by the endContinue reading “Manifesting Mondays: Determine Your Goals”

Manifesting Mondays: A New Direction

Welcome back to Manifesting Mondays! If you need to catch up on past post click here. Let’s get into it! This week the focus is a new direction. Often times it is necessary to begin again, even though starting over is the hardest thing to do, and could make you feel as though you haveContinue reading “Manifesting Mondays: A New Direction”

30 for my 30th year!!

Greetings!! I am officially 30! I love the number 30 so much now, I think I’ll be 30 for as long as I can! With that being said, it has been a little close to a month since my birthday and now it’s time to set some goals! It is actually interesting to me toContinue reading “30 for my 30th year!!”