Live Your Life Today

I never knew what it meant to "live your life today," until after I had reached a point where it was impossible for me to see beyond one day. It forced me to just live each day one at a time. I still planned for tomorrow, still planned for the future but there was a [...]

What is the Year of Esther? — The Year of Esther

Welcome to the official blog by me Sherry for The Year of Esther. The Year of Esther is a personal challenge for me and this blog will highlight some of that journey. This journey that I am going on is personal but sometimes to make it to the end it is best to be in [...]

To Be Single Forever

I'm up late wrestling with my thoughts. Thoughts I suppose I have wrestled with before but mainly to address something mostly for myself and to myself. I doubt I will post this midnight rumbling of my thoughts but here it is raw and uncut as a post titled, "To be Single Forever" ought to be. [...]