Accept These 3 Flaws About Yourself…And Don’t Doubt Yourself Again!

Some weaknesses or flaws make you doubt yourself. The minute I realized, “Hey, this isn’t a flaw at all!” I began a journey to uncover the road to a truly authentic life. Accepting who you are and not doubting yourself can seem complicated. After all, conditioning makes us by shaping our actions and thoughts. There are so many books, articles, and even movies telling you constantly about what you shouldn’t do, so much so that there are things viewed as flaws when they are strengths! That weird or quirky thing that only you can do and no one else in your family does is what makes you, you.

There are three flaws I came across, however, after today these won’t be flaws at all. Accepting yourself flaws and all is a key to unlocking that authentic person you have been locking up inside you.

You rely on others for support.

Anyone who made it big had someone looking out for them. Look at the most successful people, the wealthiest people in the world. They had someone helping them along the way. No one has ever made it to where they were alone, so you don’t have to do it alone! I recently got the best advice: “If we are supposed to do things alone, why were we placed on earth with other people? Why are we able to reproduce?” Humans are designed to rely on others to reach new heights, even to take their thinking to the next level!

Keep calling your friends and family for advice, and seek out mentors in the field of work or study you are interested in. We need to need people because that is what will matter to us at the end of our lives. The people we surrounded ourselves with not the things.

You are stubborn, and you are not afraid to fail.

If you have ever heard any of the sayings, “try and try again.”, Then you know to keep trying, and failing is a part of the process. It is about what you learned along the way. How can you truly succeed at something if you never tried, trying shows you want to do next. You won’t always get it the first time or the second time. Maybe like me, you have to start trying again every day or week to week. Failure is not the problem. The problem is not learning from those failed attempts. There is no quick fix to fixing your mind or fixing your life, but you can continue to try. Step out of your comfort zone and try something different. If what you are trying isn’t working, change your strategy and try again! Just because you failed doesn’t make you a failure.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

You put yourself first.

Don’t let anyone tell you you are selfish because you put yourself first. That is part of the design. You can’t be for others what you cannot be for yourself. The work begins internally. If you need a few days to yourself, then do that. Take that mental health day, and go on that solo retreat. It is okay to value your time and protect your mental health. That is the goal. To be successful, yes, you have to be selfish with your time, and you have to be selfish with your mental health too. Selfish means concerned chiefly with one’s profit or pleasure. This is how it needs to be; you need to be concerned with yourself first before you can genuinely be concerned for others because otherwise, you are just pouring from a cup that was never full in the first place.

Accept these flaws because they aren’t flaws at all. They are the thing that will propel your life forward, protect your mental health, and unlock the authentic person yearning to get out.

Thank you for reading!

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