Manifesting Mondays: Hope Redefined

Current news stories around the world have been filled with information about COVID-19. The 24/7 news reporting on the virus have many feeling higher levels of anxiety, stress and hopelessness. So much so that experts recommend turning off the news, and television to avoid the constant inflow of information that can make you feel pretty down.

Enter this post about hope. In times like these everyone could use a little hope. The ability to hope for the future is what drives us, that deep desire inside of us that pushes us further each day even when we are uncertain of what the day may bring. Our entire lives, aspirations, goals, and everything we push ourselves to do daily is rooted in hope. We shape our world by hope, the hope to have something meaningful in life.

Hope is defined as, “a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.” Redefining hope grabs hold of something more powerful than a feeling, but instead grabs hold of the idea that hope can create action.

One of the principles of manifestation is taking action. Anything that you hope for has already been entrenched in your being as a strong feeling of expectation, it is something you desire greatly. For example, everyone is hoping that things will get better in the near future. Waiting and watching the news for when a vaccine is announced, searching for that light at the end of a long and dark tunnel. No one is hoping for bad news, but most people are preparing for it.

With hope comes this strong feeling and desire but too often action does not follow. We can hope that things will get better or be apart of the solution. We can hope that our business will take off or we can make steps to make sure that it does. Hope is a great beginning, but like faith without action it is dead in its place before it has even begun.

Right now is a good time to make that step towards the things you hope for and bring them into existence through your actions. Only you have the ability to take action towards your hopes and dreams.

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Thinker. Dreamer. Writer. Blogger. “Whatever you are. Be a good one". ~ Abraham Lincoln

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