Manifesting Mondays: Creativity

This is a call for creativity. There is no surprise what is happening in the world. If you are like me you have been glued to every news channel and online articles around the world about the pandemic that is blowing through everything we know of society and life. Entire nations of people are being brought to their knees and many are being left without hope, which is why I am writing.

It has been quite a while since I have posted anything and for my once loyal readers I hope this entry beckons you to come back.

This call is for those who are creative or even those who have not discovered their creativity yet. Unlike me many of you have been asked by your government to stay at home, remain indoors to reduce the spread of this heinous disease. While you maybe tempted to spend your days sleeping, binge-watching, or procrastinating on your goals I encourage you to create.

Creativity is defined as the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. This is the connection of all things and this is the thing that will greatly motivate you to get through this very difficult time, but the first thing you must do is act.

Creativity is the process of bringing something new into being. Creativity requires passion and commitment. It brings to our awareness what was previously hidden and points to new life. The experience is one of heightened consciousness: ecstasy.

Rollo May, The Courage to Create

Everyone has the ability to creative and in this time of global turmoil and grave uncertainty many of us have a voice waiting to get out through the creative capacity given to us by the Creator.

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Thinker. Dreamer. Writer. Blogger. “Whatever you are. Be a good one". ~ Abraham Lincoln

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