Manifesting Mondays: Perceptions

I have been inspired to write for maybe a couple of weeks about perceptions. Perception is defined in two ways:

the state of being or process of becoming aware of something through the senses.

a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression.

The way that we interpret things is through our own understanding of things. A thing that I perceive to be something, could be perceived to be something completely different by someone else. A lot of the basics of perception is that for whatever reason my senses are perceiving something different than what you are perceiving it to be.

Example: I perceived a object to be a rectangle, someone else perceived it to be a square.

The reality is that we can both be right, we could be standing at different angles, maybe I need my glasses to see it correctly! The fact is same object two different opinions. The interesting thing is that this works not just with objects but people, ideas, and basically anything else in our lives. Its all about perception.  How we understanding or interpret something.

What inspired this series is that I was asked a question. I love questions and one thing I love about being asked questions is that I usually end up asking an even greater question once its all said and done. I was asked, “do I care about people’s perception of me?” Now, I will answer that question with a long winded response in the next post but right now the take away from it right now focuses on two things: the person asking the question, and those who have the perception.

If you have ever heard the saying, “it is hard to see a solution to your problem when you are sitting in the mist of it” I constantly like to step outside of myself and look at myself, which is why I am constantly evolving my mind is constantly learning, growing and changing. The reason why I read so much, because a lot of times I have found new solutions to my problem. So, when talking about perceptions of people who are perceiving things about you, the question is who is perceiving your situation? Because if your house if burning down and you are trying to tell me that my house is a mess because my plants are dying and need to be watered, perception is off somewhere.

If something is off check your perception, can you see thing clearly, are you using your senses, and who is the perception coming from. It is up to you to determine how you are being interpreted. I did learn this from the person asking the question he stated:

“let people know when their perception of you is off, otherwise you are just letting them win.”



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