30 for my 30th year!!


I am officially 30! I love the number 30 so much now, I think I’ll be 30 for as long as I can! With that being said, it has been a little close to a month since my birthday and now it’s time to set some goals! It is actually interesting to me to be setting goals and hoping for a future it’s a long way since my 25th birthday.

My overall goal going into my 30s is truly embracing and loving who I am, but most importantly doing things God’s way and MY way!

I got the idea 30 for my 30th year from a friend of mine who made a similar list when she turned 30. My focus this year will be on me and all about me. It’ll be about creating new habits, breaking old habits and setting myself up for a long, healthy and happy life. Here are my 30 things I hope to achieve for my 30th year of life.

1. Create a Morning/Evening Routine and stick to it.

This is extremely important to me. I know the importance of having a morning/evening routine just to start the day off right and to end a stressful evening.

2. Pay off ALL credit debt and small student loan.

Right now my debt as increased so my 12 month goal is to completely payoff my credit card debt and payoff my smaller student loan. 

3. Take a solo trip

Ive always thought about doing this and still want too! Just need ideas of where to go. 

4. Start a new hobby and stick to it

Every year I start a hobby and each year I quit mid-year. I may revisit a hobby and actually try to stick to it. 

5. PUBLISH an Ebook

I got an idea to complete a guided journal, and this year I plan to complete and publish it online. 

6. Write EVERYDAY!

I have already slacked off on this one but I am hoping that creating a routine for myself will help check this one off this year. 

7. Pray more, Worry less

I am a class A worrier so this is just an expansion of just trying to spend more time praying and releasing my cares/burdens to God. 

8. Read the ENTIRE Bible in a year.

I have NEVER attempted to read the entire Bible in a year! I’ve spent my life in church and have never read the entire Bible so my plan is to read it from beginning to end. 

9. Read 10 books this year (one in Spanish only)

I lowered my goal of reading to 10 books this year and added reading a Spanish book. Although I’m Hispanic besides children’s books I’ve never read an adult book in my native language. 

10. Take a Creative Class (Calligraphy, Cooking, Writing)

I’ve been wanting to take one of these classes for ages and I think this year I will make it my mission to find time to attend one. 

11. Go for a Cross-Country Road Trip

I’ve been in the Untied States for 20 plus years and have never driven cross-country. So I am up for the adventure. 

12. Volunteer (at an event that’s not through work)

Just want to volunteer for something other than work related things.

13. Start writing about the GOOD things in life.

Want to focus on GRATITUDE this year and spend time writing about the great things and people I have in my life. 

14. Take care of your body/Start taking my health seriously (eat right, workout weekly)

I want to take better care of myself and focus on MY HEALTH! 

15. Do 30 days of something

I’ll have to give some thought to what I will do but commuting to something helps me stay disciplined so I’m excited to do this challenge. 

16. Start Investing

Always wanted to start doing this so a small step is better than no step! 

17. Find a church I love, and attend each week

 I’m so excited to go back to church, I’ve been indifferent about church for a few years now, but I’m ready to go back, just about finding the right one.

18. Attend a paint and sip

I’m hoping for a “trap” and sip, but I’ll settle for a regular one. 

19. Speak UP when it’s necessary

I need to do better at this! I never truly speak my mind, or say when there are things I don’t like and even when I do I apologize for it. So speaking up when necessary this year is NECESSARY! 

20. Go on a mission trip

Doesn’t have to be in a different country but always wanted to do something like this. 

21. Submit an article for Publication

Storytime! I met a man who is retiring this year after being a journalist for 60 years he was first published in high school. He’s inspired me to keep submitting even if I don’t publish any it shouldn’t stop me from submitting. 

22. Learn to Swim

It is finally time! I love the water and my desire is to know how to swim. My dream is to jump in the water and come back up without drowning!! 

23. Post on my blog each week!

I began the first part of the year so well! Getting organized and having a few blog ideas a head of time I believe will help me!!! Back to Manifesting  Mondays!! 

24. Attend a Women’s Conference out of State

The last time I went to an out of state conference was in my teenage years and I have never forgotten it. I am hoping to attend a conference this year hopefully a few ladies will join me! 

25. Take an impulsive weekend away

Storytime! My brother woke up one weekend and wanted to go to coshocton, Oh! There is nothing there but it was just fun jumping in the car and going. I’ll like to do something like that this year but somewhere that actually has something to do! 

26. Visit somewhere you’ve never visited (in Panama)

I love my country and I feel like there are places in Panama that I haven’t seen. I’ll be there in December and my hope is to see something I haven’t seen before. 

27. Go to the gun range

My sister and I talked about it a few times this year and it never happened so this time we’re making it happen! 

28. Do something out of YOUR comfort zone.

I am a true introvert and that will probably never change! Alone time is my fortress; I love and crave it! But I want to do things this year that make me wiggle out of my shell a little. If I were a hermit crab it’s time for me to grow into a new shell. 

29. Go to the top of the Empire State Building

I LOVE New York! Sorry Los Angeles but hands down New York is my favorite city I have ever travelled too but I have never seen it from the top of the Empire State Building. After September 11 I developed a phobia for tall buildings but this year I’m doing it riding to the top and seeing my favorite city from its oldest building. 

30. Be unapologetically ME!

I’m tired of apologizing for being me! I love me the way I am, all the parts of me that are broken, cracked and not as smooth. If I accomplish nothing else I want to truly embrace who I am, the WAY I am. 

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. Psalm 139:14

Thats all folks! Thank you for reading and please like and share this post. Let’s see how many of these we can complete together!!

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Thinker. Dreamer. Writer. Blogger. “Whatever you are. Be a good one". ~ Abraham Lincoln

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