Enduring All Things: Relationships, Trust and Faith

I have found that these three words together have always been questionable in any relationship including mine. I have experienced a lot of trust and faith issues in my past, so much so that my mother loving called me Tomas or Thomas in english. If you don’t know who Thomas is or much about Bible stories; Thomas is the man who in the Bible was approached by the Disciples to inform him that they had seen the Lord, after the crucifixion and burial. Thomas response to this was, “unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put my finger where the nails were, and put my hand into his side, I will not believe.” For the longest of times walking by faith and not by sight was a foreign concept to me, especially in relationships.

My experience with relationships have always been negative, to say that there has been a pleasant experience would be welcomed but untrue. The greatest test of my relationship both current and past have been trust and faith. It has always been extremely difficult to both trust someone completely and have faith in the relationship to last beyond a few months.

Trust is defined as, “a choice to be available, vulnerable and transparent in a relationship because the person you’re trusting has proven worthy of your partnership through consistency in their honesty, integrity, and dependability“. In a relationship especially for me the first breakdown is trust. That has been constant for any relationship, even friendships is trust. It is so important because it is the state of our relationship in which brings about wholeness; wholeness which is found through trust.

Trust is tied to the person and faith is tied to God, without the existence of both we cannot truly be linked to any relationship, thus always lacking.


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