Manifesting Mondays: You Are The Master of Your Thoughts


The majority of our battles are fought in our minds. Anything that we want to achieve has to begin there. If we begin with the correct way of thinking then we can achieve everything we ever desired to achieve.

…I begin a new life for I am the master of my abilities and today is going to be a great and beautiful day!- Tyrese Gibson (Baby Boy)

Every idea, dream, or aspiration you have begins in your mind. It is the beginning and often times the end of those things. Manifesting what you truly desire begins there, but is only given life if you first take control of your thoughts.

Just because a negative thought creeps into your mind, it does not mean that it has to remain there. If you took inventory of your thoughts for a day you would see how many times negative thinking creeps into your mind. It stops you from doing a lot of things, most of the times it holds you back from achieving something you want to do.

However, it is not enough to simply have good and positive thoughts about yourself, you can say positive affirmations all day until you are blue in the face! If none of those affirmations and positive thinking are put into practice in your life then nothing will ever change your situation.

The key thing to understand is that you are the master of your thoughts and your abilities. You have the ability to say a thing and it is so in your life. You have to be the one to apply the faith, without doubt, that you can achieve it.


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Thinker. Dreamer. Writer. Blogger. “Whatever you are. Be a good one". ~ Abraham Lincoln

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