To Whom Much Is Given

I wanted to take some time today, to share something that has fallen on my spirit today. I have been working hard on Manifesting Mondays, mainly looking for new topics every week and working on another project in conjunction with Manifesting Mondays, to hopefully bless you.

It has become a lot of work for me, and I have been spending a lot of late nights working on this. The main goal is to be successful. Even if I have one person who reads my post on a weekly basis, someone quotes me or share with a friend then I know I succeeded.

Today while I was riding in the car where I do most of my thinking, I heard my mother’s voice:

 From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded. And from the one trusted with much, much more will be expected. -Luke 12:48

My mother read her bible every day and somehow she always had a verse for me most days. You may not think it, but you are talented in some way we all have a gift. A friend of mine is an excellent speaker, he can say pretty much anything and make it sound good, he has never been trained that I know of but he is just good at it. My brother is an artist I have taken more art classes than him and could not outdraw him, nor would I try.

Yesterday, I asked a group of teenagers what they were good at, what they felt like they were good as they all told me, “nothing.” I realized that this is what I am good at I write that is it. I never saw it as this great gift that I had but this is my gift.

I believe that when you are gifted, and I believe everyone is gifted in something; I believe that what is given is this gift this talent that you have, and you can only truly feel fulfilled if you are in pursuit of that gift. You are only successful if you spend time cultivating that thing in which you are gifted at.

I feel like I was given the greatest gift of all, but until now I never realized how much power words really have, how much power my words really have even just for me.

So, what are you gifted at? If you do not know it is your duty to figure it out, to learn this thing of yourself because much has been given to you, and in turn, much will be expected of you. For those who have already found that thing, do not get tired because someone is watching you, you are inspiring someone to do what they are gifted as.


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