Manifesting Mondays: You Are A Spiritual Being


The quest for self or the life you have always dreamed of will not come easily. My mother used to recite this Bible verse to me each time I felt afraid or felt like I was not brave enough.

…the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and the violent take it by force.” Matthew 11:12

By this meaning that nothing worth having will come easily, there will always be a fight. There will always be some obstacle standing between you and what you want. However, this is not to count you out, because if you stand firm you will not fail. Even if you stumble, you will find that you will be able to continue.

For the next few weeks, I will be covering the following thirteen habits as outlined by Dr. Wayne Dyer in many of his books. I believe these to be the key habits that will help you and what has helped me truly manifest the kind of life I am dreaming of.

Habit #1: Believe you are an infinite spiritual being having a temporary human experience.

What does that mean?

Regardless of what you believe we all can agree that we are all here for a short while. Our bodies eventually will end and our spirits will go on. This is why you must take care of your internal being, what are you doing to feed and take care of that part of yourself.

Most of us take care of our bodies, there are of tons of things out there telling you how to be more healthy, how to take care of your bodies but never anything about taking care of your inner being.

What we often miss is to check in with self. Each week you should be checking in with yourself. We do so much for others, we do so much for our bodies but what are you doing for your spirit? What transformations are you making to better the inner part of you, ensuring that you are connected to yourself in every way?

This week spend time connecting to your spirit, if you have never done this before, try meditating, try focusing on one thing, may that be a word or object for about five minutes.

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