Feared is the Woman…Who reads…

Hello and Happy New Year! This post will be my first post of the new year. With every new year comes goals and things I wish to achieve. My goal this year besides posting more to my blog of topics that interest me and hopefully will interest you. However, I have chosen to challenge myself by doing more reading. Solely, because I have come from reading about ten to fifteen books a year to about two books last year.

This came earlier to me today while searching for books to read that a woman who reads ought to be feared. I would not consider myself a feminist because in general most women get on my nerves but I do believe that knowledge is power, and I believe that women especially any woman of color ought to equip herself with the power that comes from the knowledge that can be found in books.

As always I am excited to start this new challenge but even more excited to begin blogging on a weekly basis.

Happy New Year!




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