Dear Reader,

I have been on a hiatus this summer mainly because of work. I haven’t spent many hours in front of a computer for the purposes of writing for several months now. Now that the summer program is over where I work, I can refocus on my writing.

I do plan on starting another series of some sort, just not sure what it will be yet or the length, I am hoping that my upcoming vacation time will help with that. I am also supposed to be working on my book, which I haven’t written a page since maybe the month of May. I guess I have more questions than answers when it comes to that book, and I feel like there will be some sort of rawness in certain parts of the book that I am not sure I am ready to go yet.

So, if you are the 4 faithful viewers and followers of my page I would greatly appreciate if you did not give up on me, and returning a few weeks once I have returned to posting each week.  Get friends to follow as I plan to make this a tremendous season for my blog, mainly to finish what I started.



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