The Encounter by Sam Chapman and Jay Morgan

This is a story about a young man named Walter and his peculiar encounter with an unusual stranger one warm summer evening.

Walter found himself on his mother’s porch one summer evening. The wind was rustling through the leaves, the sky was filled with stars and the moon shined bright. Walter held his Bible and thumb through it.

            “Now that’s what I like to see,” a well-dressed man approached Walter. The man wore a sharp suit and a hat on his head, and he had the shiniest shoes Walter had ever seen.

“And what’s that?” Walter closed the Bible and looked at the man.

“A man of your caliber reading the good book,” the man reached out and tapped the Bible with his index finger.

“I like reading the Bible it’s my favorite book,” Walter explained putting the Bible down on the chair he was sitting in.

“That’s a great version, some of the others leave so many things out and add so many things,” the man said and Walter’s eyes lit up.

            “I know right…” Walter and the man spoke for what seemed like hours. Walter found the man fascinating and insightful. He was amazed at how much they had in common. Walter had the conversational partner of a lifetime. If this man was a pastor at a church Walter would be proud to join this man’s flock. They spoke for nearly an hour when the man regrettably had to leave.

            “I’m sorry I never got your name,” Walter asked.

The man turned around and extended his hand to Walter, “It’s Lucifer,” the man smiled and walked away. Walter stood wide-eyed as the man walked away, as his mother’s voice calling gently in the distance. He had spoken to the devil and didn’t even recognize him.


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