We have all heard it before, “tomorrow is not promised.” We are here for an instant, just like that we are here and then we are gone, we are spiritual beings have earthly experiences.

None of us truly know the day, the time or the hour, and for most of our lives we don’t think about a time where the earth will no longer be home; where we’ll be called up to another place. In the past three years, I believe I have learned a lot about life from death. This has been the hardest lesson I believe I needed to learn and had I not learned it who knows. Death is a tricky thing because in one way it takes but then in another way it gives. It takes away someone you love dearly, but then it presses you down so badly that if you are able to withstand the grief you become someone new, something different.be_today

It was an incredible experience coming to know this knowledge of life. Especially since for every waking moment of our lives it is hanging suspended around us, around the people we love, and the places we make memories. Just as surely as life gives, a new baby being born, the sun rising, the sun eventually sets on the horizon of a day, it also takes away.

Losing a loved one brought me to the understanding that all there is, is today. I used to wonder when tragedy struck and a person was shot down, or when 9/11 happened and thousands of people’s lives suddenly were cut short, did they know? When they woke up that morning did they know that day was going to be their last day? When they kissed their loved ones goodbye that morning shortly after breakfast, did they know? For most people that day, was just a normal day, and planned was just normal activities and then in an instant, they were gone.

I’ve learned to save nothing for tomorrow. Yes, there are some things that have to wait until tomorrow but texting someone goodnight with plenty of emoji kisses, telling someone you love them, you appreciate them, one more hug, one more kiss before I close my eyes do not need to wait for tomorrow. What if tomorrow never comes?

What about those who suffer long illnesses? My mother passed away from breast cancer, I want to say she fought with it before the doctors put a name to it, once we convinced her to go. She was diagnosed in February and by May she was gone. Just that quickly she slipped from my fingers but one thing I remember is that I never left her without saying, “I love you, Mommy.” She never let me leave the room without me hearing it back and when she couldn’t speak but was still able to look at us, she would stare me in the eyes for what seemed like forever. I never remembered her eyes to be close to resembling honey until those moments. When she had use of her hand she would squeeze real tight. It would have killed me more to miss moments like that, had I waited until the next day.

“If I’ve learned anything about myself this year, it’s that hurt fuels me. I don’t let it sit and fester, I let it drive me. I let it save me. I’m not going to sit and lick my wounds here” -Queen Sugar, Charley

Let’s talk about pain and hurt, I carried that with me forever, on days when I think things are really hard for me I remember what she must have been feeling. It is okay to acknowledge our pain, but it’s another thing to allow yourself to fester in it. My mother was a fighter in every sense of the word, she never quit. She told me when she was in the hospital that she felt like getting up, “but this body.” Eventually, our bodies will give out long before our spirits are done the fighting. We are spiritual beings having earthly experiences and eventually, our bodies can no longer sustain us.

matt624This is why you need not wait until tomorrow to do anything. Change whatever is hindering you, good or bad your days are not meant to solely be surviving. They are meant for you to live them, for you to create experiences for everyone you ever touched. I can’t say how many people my mother touched, she was 5’1, 128 pounds most her life, but her spirit was so big, and it stretched so far that she just seemed to go on forever! Whatever you are waiting on to do tomorrow, do it today because tomorrow is not promised. We’ve all heard it before, faced the ups and downs of this world, but if tomorrow never comes what will you do today?


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