I Write

I write. This is what I do. I have been writing since the fourth grade, and the minute I started my first journal, I have been hooked! Writing started as a coping mechanism. Somewhere between ending the third grade and beginning the fourth grade, my English teacher noticed that I had an issue communicating feelings, emotions, and thoughts.writing1

It was not that my thoughts and opinions did not matter but more often than not my voice would be lost among the masses, and according to her my words mattered. She considered me to be a quiet leader, I mainly lead by example and only spoke when it was absolutely necessary but my teacher felt that necessary to me meant almost never, which caused me to bottle up my words and then explode at inopportune moments.

I have spent the better part of thirteen years attempting to start a blog, and just start writing again. I found myself with a severe case of writer’s block when a teacher told me that, “I wasn’t as good as I thought I was.” in regards to my writing. I haven’t written anything publicly since then, that is until now.

A few things I want you to learn from me and from this blog:

This is me. This blog is the fabric of my life. It is the intricate stitches of what makes me come together. These are my thoughts, my opinions, and are in no respect to anyone for any reason. Here I am not limited or restricted by any means and I never plan to be. Like me, you have an opinion and so do I. writing2

I am here simply to write. To weave letters into understanding, and to make nothing into gold. I enjoy writing and hopefully, you will enjoy reading; but for me writing is joy, writing is peace, and there is no greater release than that.



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