What Inspires You?

I find that the smallest things inspire me. I enjoy the fact that I am a writer. Somehow over the years no matter what is happening I have been able to put those feelings and emotions down on paper and make my world just a little brighter and clearer.

I woke up today, and I decided last night that no matter what I would work my hardest to thank God just for waking me up; to take a moment before my feet even touch the ground to be grateful to be up and alive. Having experienced so much death in my family in the last three years it can get difficult to find inspiration or even find a reason to be grateful just to be alive. Sometimes the only reason you need is that you are breathing, that you have another chance to change your life or the life of others.inspires2

When I woke up this morning, it was sunny and I currently reside in Columbus, OH. Anyone who lives there knows that our weather can only be defined as strange, and it is always a great topic for strangers because the weather changes so often all within a seven day period. However, today is a clear day, blue skies, sunny and to top it all off its 47 degrees and a light breeze is blowing. As I was pulling into work today one of my favorite songs came on by Teddy Pendergrass, “You’re My Latest, My Greatest Inspiration”; there is a part of the song where he sings:

 Things never looked clearer; peace within never felt nearer; My burden’s gone, it’s turned to a song 

I love this part of the song because it reminds me that if I find peace within, my burden’s will be gone. I determine how my life is going to be, things are going to happen but how I react to them is going to be the basis of what the outcome will be rather I learn from it or I don’t.

So, today I want to ask a question? What inspires you?

It could be a person, a place, or a thing. I want you to dig deeper. For me, if I could choose music I would, but today this sunny day and the sound of Teddy’s soulful voice has encouraged me to have a full and fruitful day. I encourage you to click there on that link and take a listen rather it be for the first time or millionth time be inspired because you never know who you are inspiring. People are watching you, rather it is family members, your children, strangers even, you are an inspiration to someone and even though you may not hear it you are!

I am certainly inspired by you! I’ve gained a few followers which makes me feel inspired to keep writing because something I have written here has inspired you in some way, so thank you for being an inspiration just for reading!inspires3

Published by WrittenbySherry

Thinker. Dreamer. Writer. Blogger. “Whatever you are. Be a good one". ~ Abraham Lincoln

One thought on “What Inspires You?

  1. Mom is my inspiration to be the great person she always thought I could be. Sometimes it hard, but each day that God brings life to my body I have a chance to get closer to be a great person and an inspiration to someone else. Thanks for the words of wisdom. I know how I’m starting my day from now on.

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