Who Are You?

Above all else, “know thyself“.

The saying of the old philosopher, “Know thyself,” proves his wisdom. True wisdom comes only by first understanding ourselves so as to know our relation to other things.

There is no greater knowledge than knowledge of self. The greatest amount of time that can be spent especially in your younger years of life is learning who you are. Asking the question, who am I? Is the most powerful question you can ask yourself. Seeking assurance of self through your own eyes is the first thing you should always seek to find.

know thyself1

I recently had a discussion with my family, regarding this very subject, and one thing that I mention was that a lot of who we are, and what makes up our identity is the relationship we have with others. It is those relationships that shape our views on who we should be. If you think about it when you are born, in most cases the first relationship have is with your mother or your parents. Who they are as a woman or man, shapes what your views are about male and female. Then if you have siblings or other close family members those relationships add to your views. Then, when you start school there are teachers, friends, etc. All of these relationships by the time you can now make comparisons between who you are and who they are.

My mother always told me that parents are to help a child shape their own personal character. I’ve had all kinds of friends in my life, friends that were very good influences, and friends who were not due to their own circumstances. However, my mother still reminded me that I needed to decide what kind of person I wanted to be, and the first thing I needed to decide was to be a leader.

I work with children and what alarms me the most is the lack of leadership that I am seeing. I believe this lack of leadership comes from children not receiving enough encouragement to truly discover who they are. Now, that we are adults, it is not too late to ask the question.

Who are you?

Who do you want to become?

What do you really know about yourself?

Before you can have a relationship with someone else, you must first have a relationship with self. A healthy relationship with self, before you can know what that looks like with others. I learned that in order to have a healthy loving relationship with someone else you must first have a healthy and loving relationship with yourself.

How do you treat yourself?

This going beyond emotional treatment of yourself, how are you treating your physical body, are you eating and exercising in a way that will extend yourself or in a way that will limit you.

Today I received a word through my word of the day, that I receive by email each morning, take this word as your own when considering your relationship with yourself. “Trammel” is defined something impeding activity, progress, or freedom. Discover what about your everyday life, and everyday habits that are “trammel” to your progress and your freedom.

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