You have already done so much to support me by clicking on this link! That’s the first step sointentionjournal welcome! Next step, follow this blog! Why?

This is a personal blog for me for the first time I am taking the first step in my writing and my road to becoming the writer I always wanted to be. Hence why I created this blog! Please don’t be shy about giving me your input and I hope that you will ask questions that I would love to bless with a little of my wisdom.

I am all for positivity and uplifting women. I feel like my ministry has always been young people but as you know we are as young as we feel. I will be sharing some personal stories, insight and subjects that interest me and those around me.

Again thank you for your support be sure to continue to follow me here and on Facebook under Written by Sherry!



Published by WrittenbySherry

Thinker. Dreamer. Writer. Blogger. “Whatever you are. Be a good one". ~ Abraham Lincoln

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